Responder Cast Live-Streaming App

One of the most popular products from GenPac Drones is our in house live stream app, Responder Cast. This product is the easiest, most cost-effective live stream platform with a low latency integrated app. Responder Cast allows users to transmit live data quickly and easily.

As your organization’s drone program grows, decision-makers will need to see what is happening in the field in real-time. For law enforcement, the uses are endless. With drones quickly replacing many helicopter missions, organizations are scrambling to find an easy way to allow incident commanders view information in real-time. From Search and Rescue missions to vehicle and suspect pursuits, the real-time stream will help ground teams quickly locate their target. SWAT teams will benefit having thermal and visual overwatch streamed directly to their phones or devices.

Responder Cast has practical applications for everyone! Fire departments can share thermal images of a structure fire directly to firefighters on the building’s roof. Forest fire command teams will have the ability to send out drone pilots to get thermal images of the fire even through thick smoke and make life-saving decisions for the teams on the ground that can’t tell where the fire is around them.

Anyone using a drone in the enterprise will definitely find a use for Responder Cast’s unique live streaming solution.


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