EagleShield UAS – FlightTracker

Simplified UAS flight logging solution

EagleShield is a leading provider in simplified UAS flight logging solutions, with our product FlightTracker.  Simple, efficient and user-friendly is the basis behind FlightTracker.  Designed on a well-known and IT accepted platform, FlightTracker is focused on tracking only the necessary information, so that UAS teams can effectively manage their fleet and team with ease.

FlightTracker is a cost effective solution for many agencies/companies. It allows you to manage an entire fleet of UAS equipment and its operators. EagleShield does not base incurred costs on the size of your fleet. One price will allow you to manage your fleet. This also allows for easy annual budgeting.

EagleShield does not manage your data and it all resides locally at your agency. Simplicity in design keeps all of your information safe within your hardware.

No Encryption is needed when you “own” the software program.

Many of our customers have said how much they appreciate the simplicity of use, as well as how easy it is to gather stats for presenting to their command staff for further investment in the team.  EagleShield also focuses on the customer input side.  We value feedback and look to incorporate suggestions into future releases of FlightTracker.

*** For a limited time, EagleShield is donating 5% of total sales to a Law Enforcement Memorial or Firefighter Memorial of your choosing ***

Please reach out for a demo of a trial version for your agency to see how easy it is to use