Drone Detection

As drones can be very powerful tools, we recognize they can also provide risks. GenPac knows there is a benefit to partnering with professionals in the drone detection industry. Aerial Armor is well versed in the quickly evolving drone industry and equipped to effectively detect and deter drone-related threats. They have worked with Law Enforcement and security professionals to provide drone detection products and services.

Event Services

With turn-key event services, you can have professionals monitoring your event for potential threats or risks. Watch this quick video to see how drone detection helped the International Balloon Fiesta!

Drone detection products and services were able to make sure everyone stayed safe during the annual balloon festival while allowing for some incredible footage to be captured by approved drones in flight paths that did not interfere with the attendees’ safety.

DJI AeroScope

The DJI Aeroscope also has a Backstage Management System that allows the data collected to be quickly investigated and interpreted from a central monitoring station.

The DJI AeroScope rapidly identifies UAV communication to gather important information such as flight status and flight paths. The AeroScope has both stationary and portable units, enabling convenient drone detection solutions.

DJI AeroScope Services

While drones’ popularity continues to increase, the potential safety and security challenges are posed for areas such as airports, prisons, nuclear power plants, and various government facilities. Traditional methods of protection for these locations cannot properly detect and monitor drones to prevent unwanted incidents. DJI aerospace drone services can identify popular drones on the market by monitoring and analyzing their electronic signals. This allows users to protect the safety of their flight-sensitive locations.