GL60 Plus Gimbal Searchlight

The GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight is a powerful and extremely bright payload. It is plug and play with the DJI Matrice series of drones. Most commonly used with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK, this payload is based on the DJI Skyport 2.0. With full compatibility, the GL60 Plus is one of the easiest payloads to control.


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Shown on M300 RTK with H20T payload

The GL60 Plus adopts four groups of optical imaging components, each group is composed of four lenses, emits a sharp light column with an angle of only 15 degrees, a distance of 150m and an effective lighting area of 1225 square meters, which improves the aerial irradiation effect of UAV at night to a new height.

The overall design is ultra lightweight, weighs only 750g, and the rated power is up to 120W. Through the DJI Skyport V2.0 interface, it is compatible with DJI’s Matrice 210 and 300 RTK and other series of UAVs.

It is the perfect partner for night time search operations or to illuminate a work area effectively.

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