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A Leader Of Drone intelligence

The EVO Max 4T brings powerful technologies and advanced autonomy to users. EVO Max 4T assesses complex environments to create real-time 3D flight paths for unparalleled obstacle avoidance. Advanced sensors make flight in GPS unavailable areas possible and the incredible new thermal payload unlocks new object identification and tracking scenarios. With a foldable, weather-resistant design, the EVO Max 4T is as portable as it is capable.

Platform Capability

  • 42 mins Max. flight time
  • IP43 Weather Rating
  • 27mph Max. Wind Resistance
  • 23,000 ft Service Ceiling
  • 12.4 mile Image Transmission Range

No Blind Spots

Ultimate Obstacle Avoidance

EVO Max 4T is the only commercial drone that combines traditional binocular vision systems with millimeter wave radar technology. This allows the EVO Max 4T’s onboard Autel Autonomy Engine to perceive objects down to 0.5 inch, eliminating blind spots and enabling operation in low light or rainy conditions.

*OA performance varies with drone speed, lighting, and flying

conditions and is not meant to replace pilot responsibility.

Autel SkyLink 3.0
The EVO Max 4T SkyLink 3.0 system comes with 6 antennas, 4 frequency bands, AES-256 encryption, and optional 4G integration to provide users with the most advanced flight capabilities ever in an EVO.
12.4 miles
Image Transmission Distance
Real-Time Image Quality
Frequency Bands
*This feature will be available in a future update.
**5.2GHz is only applicable for FCC, CE, and UKCA regions. 900MHz is only applicable for FCC

  • 50 MP Wide Camera
  • 48 MP Zoom Camera
  • 8K 10x Optical Zoom
  • 160x Max. Hybrid Zoom
  • 640×512 Thermal Resolution
  • Laser Rangefinder

Wide Camera – 50MP, 1/1.28″ CMOS, Aperture f/1.9, DFVO 85° Equivalent 23mm

Zoom Camera – 48MP 8K 10x Optical Zoom, Aperture f/2.8-f/4.8

Thermal Resolution 640×512, Aperture 13mm, 16X Digital Zoom, Temperature measurement Range -20°C to 550°

Laser Rangefinder Measuring Range 5 – 1200m, Measurement Accuracy + 1m

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 28 × 15 in

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