American Security Drone Act

Politics have leaked into our space. Make your voice heard!

Countless Americans fly for fun, work, research, and to keep people safe. Congress wants to limit your use of drones and restrict the market. There are several pieces of legislation intended on restricting the use of drones based on simply where it is manufactured. In some cases, these proposals could permanently ground the drones already in use.

How this affects you

First Responders

First and foremost, this will affect our first responders. There are many agencies who have worked hard in keeping our communities safe. The use of drones help minimize the casualties of officers and citizens alike. Drones help firefighters determine the course of action before putting personnel in harm’s way. They help search and rescue groups quickly find the lost subject.

Small Businesses

Drones help small businesses. They are used in photography and real estate, construction, and insurance. Many businesses have built their services around the use of drones.

Supporting Rural America

Farmers use drones to collect information on their crops. They are used to apply herbicide and fertilizer more precisely. They are also used to spread seeds. Drones can also be used to assist in determine stressors such as lack of irrigation.

Keep American Workers Safe

Companies with extensive infrastructure inspection such as oil and gas or telecommunications require consistent monitoring of assets. These companies value the ability of drones to inspect large areas quickly and safely. This improves worker safety and efficiency.

How You Can Help

Please take the time to reach out to your local representatives and tell them your concerns. We’ve created an easy way to do so with the following links. It takes 5 minutes of your time to prevent “american” companies from lobbying their way into the market. Their main concern is profit over public safety.

We are working with the Drone Advocacy Alliance to facilitate our responses. Please select the appropriate link below
Oppose Drone Restrictions in the 2024 NDAA (First Responders Only)

Oppose the American Security Drone Act