Freefly Alta X with Pilot Pro

Designed, assembled, tested, and supported by the Freefly team at our headquarters in Woodinville WA, USA.

Our customer support team, operations, and engineering team all work in the same building to encourage cross-team communication. We even developed our own product development software to ensure our customers’ success remains our priority as Freefly grows.




Alta X (Travel Case, Not Gimbal Ready, Pilot Pro + Herelink RF) – 950-00150-01

  • Designed for industrial operators adding their own landing gear, payloads
  • Formerly 950-00118-06 (which did not meet Standard Remote ID standards)
  • Ships in the Alta X Travel Case
  • Is RTK ready: just needs the addition of a ground station computer and RTK Ground Module 
  • Includes Freefly Pilot Pro Controller (Herelink RF) for precise, robust drone control
  • Does not include:
  • Remote ID – Standard
    • Ships with Remote ID preinstalled and configured for Standard Remote ID compliance
    • Compliant for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) 

*For maximum versatility for a variety of operators, Alta X does not include landing gear or payload mounts by default. We recommend Payload Vibration Damper + Skyview Landing Gear, Short Quick Release Mount + Cargo Landing Gear or Mōvi Pro Landing Gear for your Mōvi Pro.

In The Box

Every Alta X (950-00150-XX) ships with the following:

  • Qty 1 – Alta X Airframe with F9P GPS (RTK Ready) with Standard Remote ID
  • Qty 1 – Spare parts kit
    • Qty 2 – Fuse Mini 297 32V 10A
    • Qty 2 – Replacement Battery Strap
    • Qty 2 – Active Blade Bumper (black)
    • Qty 2 – Active Blade Bumper (gray)
    • Qty 5 – M4x16 Combo Head bolt
    • Qty 5 – M4x10 Combo Head bolt
    • Qty 5 – M3x8 Combo Head bolt
    • Qty 5 – M4x14 Combo Head bolt
    • Qty 5 – M4x8 Combo Head bolt
    • Qty 1 – USB C to A Cable (1m)
  • Qty 1 each – 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3mm hex drivers

Different configurations of Alta X it will include the items above as well as the additional items specific to the configuration: 

  • Alta X (Travel Case, Not Gimbal Ready, Pilot Pro + Herelink RF) – 950-00150-01
    • Designed for integrators adding their own landing gear and payloads
    • Ships in the Alta X Travel Case
    • Ships with Pilot Pro Controller (in separate case)
    • Does not include batteries/charger, or landing gear*
    • Does not include Payload Vibration Damper or mount for landing gear*


Alta X is built to carry just about anything with our integrated quick release system on top and bottom of the aircraft.

We’ve made the software stack equally as flexible by using Auterion Enterprise PX4 and supporting the MAVSDK.








A lightweight, low-profile quick release unit which provides an easy mount and release solution for your Alta to a variety of payloads.



Fly the best Lidar Sensors available that were originally designed for full size helicopters for > 30 Minutes.

Mapping camera

Mapping Camera

Fly the 100 Megapixel Phase One camera for > 25 minutes with Alta X and Mōvi Pro.

Mōvi Carbon

Mōvi Carbon

20 minute flight times and perfectly stable images at 240mm – see how fox is using this package to energize live broadcast.

High Speed Camera

High Speed Camera

Fly 4K 1000FPS high speed Phantom Veo with seamless integration into Mōvi Pro.

LED Light


Fly cinema grade lighting for over 20 minutes with Alta X.