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BRINC LEMUR Tactical Drone Kit

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Designed to enter dangerous situations to keep people safe

LEMUR comes equipped with a powerful two-way communication system. BRINC’s drone is a flying cell phone.

31-Minute Flight Time

The LEMUR’s novel battery technology is based on a Lithium-ion chemistry that allows for a best in-class flight time

Turtle Mode.
If the LEMUR ends up on its back, it can flip itself over and relaunch to finish a mission. Crashes don’t end missions with BRINC’s platform.

Lidar-Based Pilot Assistance & autonomy: Laser-guided localization technologies make the LEMUR easier to fly

10-Hour Perch Time

With nearly a half-day perch time, the LEMUR can be operational while idle and provide fully-functional audio and video.

Glass Breaker

Effective at breaking tempered, automotive, and most residential glass. The glass breaker allows the LEMUR to make entry into structures. This attachment can be used to ventilate buildings during structure fires, make entry during active shooter situations, and save lives in critical situations.

General Purpose Dropper

Built to carry and release payloads up to 1 lb. using a basic zip tie attachment.

Precise, High-Performance Maneuverability

3G acceleration, 2G maximum vertical acceleration

The Specs

Live Video

The LEMUR can send live video to command stations


Not only can the LEMUR self-right it can also go up and down stairs, run into walls, fly in the rain and snow, and it can withstand being dropped from up to 40 feet.

Door Opener

The LEMUR can open partially ajar interior doors and can be used as a battering ram

Fully Encrypted

All LEMUR communications are fully encrypted and stored securely. BRINC is an American company and data is never sent anywhere without your permission


The LEMUR can carry a wide variety of payloads. From hazmat operations to search and rescue missions, the LEMUR can be equipped to serve in many operations

Highly Modular

The LEMUR is customizable and easy to fix, with an accessory mount that can carry a wide variety of payloads.

No Geofencing Limitations

No forced firmware or software updates


45-minute charging time (90%)

Unique Two-Way Communication

The LEMUR can enter structures, and effectively locate people inside homes, skyscrapers, and vehicles. It facilitates two-way communication between first responders and people who need help.

Onboard Microphone

Set of two ultra-sensitive electret condenser microphones enable the drone to hear human voices, footsteps and doors closing up to 100 feet away

Integrated Speaker

Small, lightweight 106dB SPL at 1m loudspeaker with adjustable volume can be heard at 500ft. (152m) at its maximum power level.

Night Vision

The LEMUR has a 1080p, 60fps wide-angle fixed lens with a built in night-vision system and IR illuminators: you can see in all lighting conditions and situations

Top-of-the-line VR headset peripheral for superior flight emersion and focus in non-sterile operating environments (the drone can transmit video streams to multiple receivers, including VR headsets and/or command station monitors.

Drone Video Receiver

The video receiver/repeater box is a small form factor, magnetized Pelican case that can be easily attached to anything metal or mounted to a tripod. The box improves drone operating range/material penetration and transmits live video to command station displays

Airframe Specifications

Fully enclosed props (enabling the drone to bounce off walls and push open doors), carbon fiber reinforced nylon PA6 drone body/ducts, CNC machined prepreg carbon-fiber motor arms/duct frame

Local Video Storage

Onboard micro SD card slot for recording high-quality video and audio logs for evidence, 64GB Class 10 micro SD cards included and required for operation. Redundantly recording in VR headset.

Water Resistance

Designed to operate in wet and rainy conditions without issue (conforming to IP 24 guidelines based on internal testing.

Extended Signal Ranges

The LEMUR’s powerful control and video signal strength allow the pilot in command to operate from blacks away. Utilizing an advanced wireless video transmission system, the LEMUR’s dense-material penetration capabilities ensure the pilot is operating from a safe location and the UAS never loses control or video signal.


12.7 x 15.2 x 3.7in (32.4 x 38.6 x x9.6cm)



Accessory Mount

  • Multi-purpose dropper attachment
  • Flood light attachment
  • Window breacher attachment
  • Droppable signal repeater
  • Terrrestrial robot landing strip with 3M VHB tape backing
  • Made to order custom accessory

Secure Data Link

Data only leaves the BRINC ecosystem when a physical connection is made to the hardware, further ensuring data security. All drone communications are secure and encrypted utilizing.


2.4lbs (1.1kg)

Day/Night-Vision System

The LEMUR can accept multiple camera payloads. It includes a 1080p at 60fps high/low light capable camera sensor, wide FOV IR sensitive main lens, integrated night-vision optics switcher, integrated high-powered IR LEDs, ambient light sensor (automatically changes camera software settings to rapidly compensate for changing lighting conditions) the drone can see perfectly in every lighting condition, including truly zero light.

Video Transmission System

Encrypted, near-zero latency, high material penetration wireless video transmission system with a line of sight transmission range in excess of 8mi(13km) and multi-receiver capability.