DJI is the undisputed leader in the Drone world. DJI drones are by far the easiest UAV’s for both the beginner and advanced pilots to fly. With the new M300 RTK drone from DJI they again have stepped up the game in the enterprise drone market. Electric Utilities now have a drone that will fly all the missions they can dream of while first responders have a thermal capable drone for day and night-time operations. Police agencies will love the overwatch capabilities while Fire Departments will be able to get eyes on hotspots even if the smoke is too thick to see with a visual sensor.

Good information is the most critical part of decision making during any emergency event. Responder Air and Responder Cast makes this possible by streaming a real-time Geospatial-Intelligence Augmented Reality to decision-makers and incident commanders. This situational awareness and clarity allow for a true operating picture in the most complex environments making for better decisions. Whether your organization is facing civil unrest, burning structures or searching for a lost person Responder Air is here to provide the clear information you need to make the right decisions.

The EVO II line of drones from Autel Enterprise is the leader in image quality and the pioneer in drone intelligence. The EVO II line of drones includes the EVO II 8K drone, the EVO II Pro 6K drone and the EVO II Dual 640. The Dual is now Made in the USA with foreign and domestic parts and labor. In fact, over 75% of the Dual is made and sourced from USA producers and it now qualifies for US Made RFP’s for US Products. Great news for enterprise users that need a small drone with a high resolution FLIR camera and an 8K, 48MP Camera. The best part is this drone not only works a great entry level UAV but can grow with the organization and is just as useful for advanced users. Whatever size drone program you have the Dual will make it more successful!

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The GenPac NIST course is the best way to keep your pilots trained and ready to fly any mission that comes up. Everyone knows that ongoing training is the key to organizational success. Anyone can go fly a drone around and if there isn’t a clear training plan and way to measure success you will never know how effective the training is until it is too late. With the GenPac National Institute of Standards and Technology course UAV pilots will have a clear regimen to work through to develop the necessary skills to fly in an operational environment. After training the NIST course can be used to test the pilots giving the organization a clear picture of the pilot’s capabilities. The best part is that this course is easy to setup and break down and is easy to store in limited space. With the course MADE IN THE USA you can’t lose!

Electric Utility

Drones are helping utilities across the US. Find out how Western Electric Coop uses drones to increase efficiency and safety.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement uses drone technology for everything from overwatch missions to Search and Rescue.


Drone technology helps firefighters stay safe by allowing commanders to use thermal imaging in their decision making.

Pilot Training

Drones are only as good as the pilots who fly them. GenPac offers training at every skill level for individuals and organizations.