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GenPac Drones works with utility, first responder, and other organizations across the United States to develop in-house UAV programs through long-lasting relationships. We are committed to working with our partners to find the best-fit products and solutions to make their drone programs an overwhelming success. We also provide on-site UAV services for organizations that are not ready to start their own in-house drone programs.


Blaine, WA Police Department
-- Keith Olson Patrol Officer

“We’ve been working with Gen-Pac over the last several months to implement our UAS program. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bobby and Nate over this time to purchase, receive and deploy our UAS. Bobby was very helpful in making sure we had everything we needed for a solid start up. Nate was very helpful with seeing things through, demonstrating features of the M30T and passing along information learned from other user agencies. The customer service is top notch with Gen-Pac and at no point did I feel left in the dark or having unanswered questions.”

Clearwater Power Company
-- Jon Leman, P.E. Chief Engineer & Technology Officer

Clearwater Power Company recently started a trial drone program. Our first operational flight was an aerial inspection of a critical three-mile stretch of double-circuit, three-phase distribution line that had developed a higher-than-normal outage rate with no obvious cause visible from the ground. We got a detailed look at all pole-tops and found a handful of contaminated and slightly damaged insulators. The inspection took about four hours with no impact to traffic. Performing a detailed inspection using bucket trucks would have blocked a lane of state highway for three to four days and would have required flaggers. The savings from this one inspection nearly paid for the cost of the drone. The drone gave us the flexibility to schedule the inspection on short notice and to complete it in time to make repairs during a planned outage that was scheduled for the very near future. Reliability of that feeder has since improved. We’ve also used the drone for substation thermal inspections, for acquiring detailed imagery to support engineering design, and we assisted line crews with stringing a new overhead span by flying 800 feet of jetline across a difficult canyon. FAA operational requirements are not trivial but, overall, we’re finding that drones are a practical tool that contribute to safety, system reliability, and work efficiency. We appreciate the help we receive from Chad and the GenPac team. Their input was valuable as we built the program from the ground up, and they have continued to be a valuable resource since.

Clark County Sheriff's Office Logo
Clark County Sheriff’s Office
-- Commander Duncan Hoss Clark County Sheriff’s Office

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office was one of the first agencies in our region to use unmanned aerial platforms to assist in criminal investigations, tactical operations and missing persons cases. One of the largest frustrations we encountered from our prior vendor was a lack of customer service. When we would encounter issues that we needed addressed we had a difficult time getting someone to listen to our unique issues and provide constructive solutions. That all changed as soon as we were introduced to Genpac. Aaron and his team have gone above and beyond my expectations. They always have creative solutions to challenges. Besides outstanding customer service, what sets Genpac out in front of other vendors is their dedication to helping their community. I would not recommend a company unless I truly believe they are the best in their industry.

Klickitat County PUD
Klickitat County PUD
-- Mark Garner Customer Engineering Supervisor - Goldendale, WA

Aaron and the folks at GenPac were extremely helpful in assisting KPUD in selecting the right UAV package to fit our needs. They know the capabilities of the equipment and understand how we in the Utility industry are going to use them. Aaron came on site to demo 2 different options and gave us time in the field to do some real world testing. We have since purchase 2 UAV systems and 2 different camera payloads for using in our inspection programs at KPUD.

Spokane County Sheriff's Office
Spokane County Sheriff's Office
-- Detective/Corporal J. Welton Spokane Valley Traffic Unit Spokane Regional Air Support Unit

On behalf of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the Spokane Regional Air Support Unit I wanted to say thank you to you and Chad for coming out to our training facility to demo the new DJI Matrice 300 with the H20T payload camera and the Autel Evo II Dual 640. The time you spent with our UAS team training that day was fantastic and extremely helpful. Your team clearly has a great understanding of UAS platforms and we appreciate your support. Take care and thank you!

Benton County Sheriff's Office
Benton County Sheriff’s Office
-- Kevin Higgins Benton County Sheriff’s Office Special Services Manager sUAS Program Manager

We found GenPac by accident as we were working with a different DJI Supplier at the time getting ready to start up our sUAS Program. With the other company, I would not receive timely replies to questions, quotes, options, etc. so I decided to give GenPac a shot. I was happily surprised it the speed of the reply and willingness to work with us to find the solution that best fits our need. Over the last nearly 2 years, we have been working with GenPac for all our sUAS needs. They have bent over backwards to help us find what we are looking for including bringing on new lines of product to sell that was something we were looking for. In the event that we have needed repairs done, GenPac has been super to work with and help us expedite the process. We have had a couple folks go thru their Part 107 training as well, and it is as described, you will come out a Part 107 pilot. The instructors were great and walked us thru the learning and testing process. At this point we have purchased about 8 drones and all the equipment needed to run our drone (sUAS) program and when asked, I have always recommended GenPac as the supplier for all your needs when starting a drone program, adding to your fleet or getting repairs done. Bottom Line, I would highly Recommend GenPac if you need help starting a Drone Program, training, or purchasing of drone equipment.

Clark County Sheriff's Office Logo
Clark County Sheriff’s Office
-- Sgt. Jason Granneman Enforcement Branch Clark County Sheriff’s Office

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office in WA state has worked in partnership with Aaron Lambert and GenPac for our UAS needs for over two years. Aaron is everything you would ask for in a sales representative and a technical support assistant. GenPac provides our core platforms for all things needed by our UAS program. Aaron consistently provides valuable timely service on our DJI and Autel products. GenPac gets it done the first time, stands by their product lines, and provides a high level of service. 5 Stars.

Polk County Sheriff's Office
Polk County Sheriff's Office
-- Thomas Hutchison Polk Polk County Sheriff’s Office - Dallas, OR

Aaron and his team at GenPac were nothing but professional! Their knowledge and willingness to help play a pivotal role in building our sUAS program at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Our office recently received a grant and obtained the M300. Aaron personally delivered the unit and took the time to ensure our team was proficient on it. The team at GenPac is always willing to answer questions and go above and beyond to provide quality customer service.

Mountain View Police Department
Mountain View Police Department
-- Sergeant Fernando Maldonado Mountain View Police Department - Mountain View, CA

After receiving approval from the city to start our drone program, we were lost as to what was best for us. GenPac held our hand through the entire process from selecting our equipment, to helping us navigate the city approval process, to delivering amazing customer service. I highly recommend Aaron and everyone at GenPac for all your drone needs.

Polk County Sheriff's Office
Polk County Sheriff’s Office
-- Sheriff Mark Garton Polk County Sheriff’s Office - Dallas, OR

GenPac is great to work with and has exceeded all my expectations. I really appreciate the personal touch that Aaron has constantly demonstrated during all of our contacts and he really wants to make sure each customer is really taken care of.

Rebuild Paradise Foundation
Rebuild Paradise Foundation
-- Executive Director Charles Brooks Rebuild Paradise Foundation - Paradise, CA

You guys are the best and I am so grateful to have met you and all the work Aaron and GenPac have put in to help our community recover. THANK YOU will never be enough.

Renton Police Department
Renton Police Department
-- Commander Chad Karlewicz Special Operations Division - Renton, WA

GenPac is our go to source for all of our UAS needs. Their customer service is the best I have dealt with and their stock and speed of delivery have been amazing.

Sawicki Group
The Sawicki Group
-- David A. Sawicki The Sawicki Group - Bellingham, Washington

I have worked with GenPac for about a year now and find that they are very responsive, technically based and helpful as I grow my drone business.

Montana Electric Cooperatives Association
-- Jerry Lemm Safety and Loss Control Instructor

I had the pleasure of attending a GenPac Drone licensing course in Montana. Sean Holt of Qauntum Dynamics was the instructor for the entire 2-day class, and I can not speak highly enough of his abilities. As someone who trains as a portion of my living, I found Sean to be beyond knowledgeable, engaging, patient and well versed. His application of the rules and regulations, as well as his ability to put them into real world situations and terms is second to none. This test is intimidating at best, and without a pre-test course would be beyond difficult. Sean was able to take what is literally a foreign language to most and not only teach us to understand it, but “speak” it as well. Thank you to Sean, and our friends at GenPac for the incredible experience and help.