Law Enforcement

Drones are revolutionizing the way public safety workers perform on the job. Drones enable immediate intel information to be transferred to incident commanders. They allow workers to effectively direct resources with a consistent feed of aerial information. Robotic scouting helps workers stay safe on site.

Officers are often put in harm’s way to protect the community. With drones, officers can assess situations before walking into them. This allows time to plan and prepare accordingly without risking any team members. This greatly improves officer and bystander safety. Drones also help with accident forensics, because they are able to quickly map areas after a collision and preserve the scene for later analysis. This allows forensic units to attain a detailed view and an unbiased visual report for the courts.

“Deploying drones for operations has proved to be a perfect way to gather information and intelligence about the incident the team may be facing.”

– Case Study (D&C and Dorset)