Program development

The new DJI M300RTK takes off for a line inspection.

Drones are a very powerful tool but one that is only as good as the program they are used in. We are here to help you setup and plan your program from start to finish to ensure you get the most from your drones. Even if a drone program isn’t on the horizon give us a call so you can start to lay the foundation correctly from the start.

The parts of a successful drone program:

Hardware – GenPac has a number of options that fit lots of different budgets. From the Mavic Mini to the new M300RTK there is something for everyone.

Training – GenPac’s Northwest Drone academy can help you get your pilots licensed and train them to fly all the missions the utility can come up with.

Software – A drone program can get very complex and create so much data that nothing can get done. A good software will create order out of this chaos. GenPac has partnered with Aero Drone to provide a comprehensive solution. You will be able to track hardware, pilots, certification and organize all the images and movies you take to provide decision makers with the best information possible.

Consulting – In the complex utility space having an expert to visit your utility and guide decisions will help not only create the program but provide support for years down the road.